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Training & Education Resources
This page lists important and useful international links about Training and Education:
World Wide Learn - World's Largest Online Education Directory. Includes online college, university and graduate degree programs, online courses and education, online training programs and online IT Training & Certification. - a self-study site dedicated to bringing you quality self study courses written and designed by business and educational experts. The courses bring up-to-date, practical real world solutions for today's business challenges. Individuals, corporations and institutions can all benefit from these time proven materials.
1trainingcenter - Online training courses - learn 138 subjects containing over 850 courses
Human Soft E-Learning Portal - offers professional courses in Information Technology, Business and Professional Development, Desktop and Office Productivity.
New-Horizons - Learning Centers in ME Region. - is one of the most popular destinations on the web for free online courses and free tutorials in a variety of computer, certification, business, lifestyle, and fun topics!
TechTutorials - The directory of free computer tutorials and whitepapers. The directory currently contains 1680 free tutorials!
Online Training Programs - Online Degrees and Online Degree Programs.
ELearners - Find over 900 Online Degrees, Online Colleges & Online Univeristies.
Online Degree Resource - Get Your Degree Online! is a great way for new students of business to learn business concepts; for business majors to review topics; for professors to see new teaching ideas; for international students to get business training for free.
ClassesUSA - Get information from one or more of these leaders in online education
Computer Training Network - your premiere source for training CD-ROMs
Element K Saudi - E-learning Resource Center and Knowledge Hub

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